Post spine surgery physiotherapy

Post lumbar Fusion surgery physiotherapy rehab
  Phase I:
1 to 5 days after surgery (inpatient) and up to 6 Weeks
Most patients are referred for physical therapy anywhere between 4 to 7 weeks after their discharge from the hospital.
Physical therapy management during this phase consists of teaching patients the proper way to get in and out of bed, dress and perform other self-care activities, and walk (perhaps with a walker for the first 1 or 2 days).
Light TA and pelvic floor contractions to begin to practice them in different positions.
The therapist also can teach basic and simple neural mobilization for the nerves involving the lumbosacral plexus.
Patients and their family should leave the hospital with an understanding of the home care required until they begin their outpatient physical therapy,[2]
Phase II:
6 to 10 weeks after surgery
Patients should begin to approximate normal activities while the therapist controls
patients should be slowly working up to 30 minutes of exercise and physical activity at least 5 days a week.23
They can begin a light weight-training program, avoiding exercises that inappropriately load the lumbar spine but making sure to include some exercise for the lumbar paraspinals and other muscles that attach to the thoracodorsal fascia.[2]
Common restrictions are no lifting greater than 10lb. and no overhead lifting.[7]
Achieve good body mechanics during ADL
Protect the surgical site from infection and mechanical stress
nerve root mobility at the involved levels
Control pain and inflammation
Begin a stabilization and reconditioning program
Improve scar and surrounding soft tissue mobility
Treat restrictions of thoracic, UEs, and LEs that can lead to more strain on the lumbar spine[2]
Body mechanics education:
bed mobility:
pushing and pulling
ifting and carrying

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